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Inside the challenge, you get all of the benefits of having your OWN personal coach, plus more!

Imagine, in just 90 days you could have the body you’ve been dreaming of. Without starving, without store-bought meals, and without a bunch of expensive supplements.

In this comprehensive 90 day program, you get the coaching support and daily accountability you need to lose weight, transform your relationship with food and finally have the body you want. FOREVER!

The 7 A’s this program offered that helped me lose the weight where before I had only lost hope:

Accountability (both checklists to do and feedback on what I did)

Affirmation (Celebrating the wins and being part of a supportive community)

Action-Plan (step-by-step checklists for the day and for meals)

Attitude (adjustment – “I can do this!)

Awareness – mindfulness practices to change my relationship with food: also tracking activities/choices over the week(s) creates a bigger picture of my habits

Advice – insight from people who have already done whit I hope to accomplish

Aspiration – Setting goals, aiming higher than I had before

~ Paul Kolker

Your coaches will be engaging with you every day, giving you support, and keeping you accountable. You will feel loved and supported every step of the way.

If you ever need advice, you slip up, you’re having a bad day, or you get discouraged, your coaches are available and ready to give you a pep talk.

So as promised, I am posting before and after pics. Right before I started this journey, I posted pics that were hard for me to do, and it still is in a way. I still have a long way to go, but then I think about how much better I feel and how far I have come in such a short period of time. My life is forever changed, and the best is yet to come!

In September of 2017 I lost my job because I was unable to perform the duties associated with my position because I suffered from constant fatigue. My former athletic self self decided to join A Health Revival, now many pounds lighter I am excited about the new options for me. I have stayed with the program 9 months now and have lost over 50 pounds. Try it and you’ll see how easy it is and the amazing
coaching and support of the community is like nothing else you will experience.

Plus… to keep you motivated and to add a bit more fun, you will be awarded points for each task you complete each day.

Come On! Join the Challenge, and Make it a Family Affair!

What makes this program different from anything else you have tried is….

You’re not alone in this…Our team of coaches, all of whom have conquered their own weight and body issues, will guide and support you every step of the way. ​ You’ll make changes that last! No yo-yo dieting ever again. With this program you get it off and keep it off. ​ No expensive supplements or high priced foods. ​ We will show you how to shop for and cook foods that are super-affordable, tasty, and simple to prepare. You’ll discover what works for you. ​ Ultimately you’ll get tuned in to the wisdom of your own body and make smart choices that keep you looking good and feeling great for a lifetime.

Clear, Actionable Steps

Get a clear list of lessons & habits every day


Get notified to complete key habits to health

Coaching and Community

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Access Anytime Anywhere

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For years I struggled with food and drug addictions, an eating disorder, depression and an overall terrible self image. Most people would never have known how much I struggled because I hid it well, but inside I was dying. It’s still hard to believe my life is so different today. I have a healthy relationship with food, my body, and my inner self. If I can get here so can you. Together we can and we will.

Matthew McRae Stanley Nutrition and Exercise CoachCertified Coach John Maxwell Team



My personal journey of losing 50 pounds along with moving away from toxic circumstances is why I get your pain, and I am ready to help you move forward toward a place that feels right for YOU!

Evan Collins Certified Life Coach ICF



Over the past 15 years I struggled  with trying to lose 20 pounds of extra weight. I tried everything from starving myself to exercising like a crazy woman and some things worked for a while, but eventually the pounds came back. A lot of frustration and embarrassment lead me to really research and find solutions that  worked. I found them and that is why I founded this program to share them with you. At 60 I’m experiencing some of my best health yet and I’m proof that no matter your age you can make changes and get healthy!

Dr. Nancy Stanley Life and Health Coach, Physical Therapist, DISC Certified, Certified Coach John Maxwell Team

Take Charge of Your Body, Transform Your LIFE with the 90 Day Challenge to the Body You Want!

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